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Welcome to History Alive

  Hello, my name is Dan Black. I was a teacher in Jefferson County for 34 years, involved with American, Western Civ, AP European, and AP World history courses. I tried to bring “history alive” in the classroom,  reenacting events by utilizing historically accurate costumes and displaying dioramas of the same. I now wish to provide the opportunity to all teachers,  to call upon my services for their classroom. To the left you will find a menu that will list various options. This will continue to grow, and if you don’t see a particular event, just contact me,  and we might be able to work something out.

  If you find something of interest,  all  you will need to do following our initial discussion,  is contact the Sub board and make a request for me.  It could be a half- or full-day, dependent upon your schedule. I look forward to the opportunity to share the experiences with your students.